Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Were posed to dance, Sam"


I am still alive...although most of my loyal followers know that because they see me...but for you randoms...I have been consumed with...school, soccer, gym, bible study, driving alot in the car, work and..................Drumsticks (the kind you eat and not play) ( I have had five in the last two days) ( I have no willpower when they are in the house) (that is why the gym is on my consumption list!!) and since I am always supposed to have a picture on my posts (according to the blog nazi ((my sister)) here is a random one of the fam-damily....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I don't get it!!??

Everywhere I peruse (I have no idea if that is how you spell peruse, but I am trying to sound educated and am too lazy to look in a dictionary, but want to use a cool word to say: I have been looking at a lot of blogs today for no apparent reason other that to occupy my time and checking facebook every half hour)....everywhere I have perused (huh?huh?) lately, I see these amazing pictures these moms have taken to put on their blogs or facebook pages. Have I missed the free tutorial on photo 101 for blogger/facebook moms? If someone else was taking this picture above....the background would be artistically blurred and the pine cone in focus, the lighting would be much better, and there would be a magical glow about the whole picture. I just want to know how they do this?? Am I missing the obvious or do my picture taking skills really lack that much needed enthusiasm...


Today was the first of many Saturday's at the soccer complex. From 8:30 to 1:00, I watched my two little guys score some goals (not always on their team's goal), inhale snow cones, and get thoroughly drenched from sweat (nice....them and myself). I don't know the first thing about soccer, but have the feeling that I am going to learn fast. Thanks to all the grandparents who showed up to support the boys. You guys are awesome!

Sam started off his first game with a goal.....only a minute into the game. He was really proud of himself, I could see that (I can't believe I just did that!!!) face....priceless.

Luke is lightning fast and really tries....and was so excited when he scored a goal....but pretty heartbroken when he realized it was for the other team! I could see the slump in his shoulders and was preparing myself for the crying about to unleash, but he held it together (he is very competitive) and went on with trying his best. I was extremely proud of him!!

I am sitting in the sun and soaked through, but have the biggest smile on my face....I realize that the boys are learning life long lessons in what it takes to have humility, learn teamwork, and not always have things go the way you want. I am looking at my hubby who is coaching one son's team and reffing the other son's team, who is also soaked through and is graciously giving up his last bottled water to a parched 5 year old....and I realize what a good man and dad he is! There are alot of other things that need to be done these Saturday mornings, but there is nothing more important than spending time with my guys....the yard work, laundry, cleaning can wait!!! I may need another snow cone!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Little Boys Dream of a Playground.....

I have never seen so much sand in my whole life! The boys loved rolling down the sand hills. Some others even had snow saucers to help get going...we may try that next time.

Card Dealers

Travis was teaching the boys how to play war this weekend....they loved it and really wanted to learn how to shuffle and deal out the cards....maybe a future career path!!?? Travis would probably like that...

Sam was so cute trying to learn how to shuffle...he was so impressed that daddy could shuffle like a "bridge"....but even more impressed when mommy came along and shuffled like that too!

the game boys are never far behind. I was quite educated this weekend in Mario Brothers, the lands, and all their catch phrases! Oh Joy!!

Fun in the Sun

Luke very proud of the castle he made all by himself.

Another fun day at the beach....the weather was so nice...no wind and warm enough to get in the water. It is a happy time in this house....the boys have learned how to swing by themselves!! Woohoo!!!