Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why Are Boys So Messy??!!

You may be able to see that these are my clothes, but my little "costume wearers" like to get in my closet and rumage up some cool costumes....then after 5 minutes they are strewn out on the floor. My bed is rarely made for longer that half an hour because they think it is soooo fun to mess up mommy's bed! I don't see the humor and am usually yelling at this point (maybe that is what is funny to them)!

I don't know the Lord's ultimate wisdom, but sometimes it baffles me that He gave me boys. I love them to death, and wouldn't want life with them any other way, BUT I just don't get boys. If I leave them to their own accord (meaning, I am not going behind them cleaning up every half hour)....this is what happens. I just feel the OCD coming over me like a wave. There are a few things I need to just get over!....their drawers will never be clean....their crayons will never go neatly back into the boxes the way they came out....playdo is one time usage because they put the most disguisting things in them....I will always be on them to clean up....but, they give the best hugs and kisses and they love me unconditionally!!Drawers are always left open, and torn through like they were in such a hurry to get what they needed...the whole time yelling "Mom, where is my favorite marker?"!!!

The only sense of order I have control over any more is the kitchen sink.....How sad is that!! The only reason for this is that none of the men in my life want anything to do with the kitchen I keep it nice and tidy and look at it with a sigh of relief!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Starboard and Port Sides

We toured a replica 1812 naval schooner this weekend and got to check out some cool "ship" gear. It amazes me that soldiers actually sailed aboard these ships and fought battles on them. That would scare me to death!