Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bob the Builder

Travis was making something for a friend yesterday and the boys decided to get involved.
They always have to have some sort of gear on to do anything.....

Sam wanted to have some "safety glasses"...although I am not sure how safe he would really be in his underoos!

In the end, they made their own "SpongeBob"......

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

couples crafting

so...we got together with some good friends the other day for a visit and ended up doing some couples crafting. if you have never tried was really fun...give it a try. the guys were even into it and were coming up with some creative things. thanks guys for your enthusiasm.freezer paper shirts were on the agenda and they are pretty awesome in my opinion.

my models...these are their favorite shirts we made. they even helped paint them. i like how sam is sticking his tummy out to give you a better view...better, huh?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

the many faces of Sam

my sweet little boy...i hope that you never loose this joy and
goofiness like your daddy. even though life will throw you some curves, i pray that you can have a faith in the lord that will keep you goofy!! or i could just keep you like this and not let you grow anymore!!!!

...don't tell the tooth fairy!

Luke has decided that loosing teeth is highly over-rated and has decided to inform the tooth fairy that he won't be needing her services anymore!

...well maybe if she keeps bringing me money, it is okay.
There has been so much drama with this whole tooth thing...nobody warned me about tooth drama!! Luke will not brush any teeth within the vacinity of a loose tooth; he will not chew anything in the vacinity of a loose tooth (so everything goes in his mouth through the side with skid marks along his cheeks to prove it) (corn on the cob has been very challenging); Luke will not let me wipe his face or dry his face after bathtime because he is afraid his tooth will fall out! I had to take matters into my own hands and pull the sucker when he was sleeping, thinking that would end the drama....nope!! still won't let anything near the hole in his mouth. oh well! Two more years of tooth drama to follow!!