Saturday, January 9, 2010

When it gets hard....let me help

So... the little men in my life are OBSESSED with playing Super Mario Brothers Wii game. I know not all of my many followers (ha!ha!) agree with letting your children spend so much time in front of the tv....but you guys know me, I have no problem with it....and while I sit in front of the computer (when I should be cleaning the nasty bathrooms!), I am hearing these two buddies encourage each other in their playing "You did it"..."YES!!"..."Come on, you can do it"... "I will carry you to the next level"..."We can do it together!" . These times when they help each other and encourage each other just make me so proud of it possible to be so proud of your kids for playing a video game?! It reminds me in a weird way that Jesus does the same things for us..."You can do it"..."I will carry you"..."We can do it together!"....what a mighty God we serve. He gives me these two boys to remind me about the big picture in life (even if it comes through Super Mario Brothers!!)...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010