Sunday, October 25, 2009

Six Sticks!!!!!!

My little man is six years old today!! He is all the "firsts" for me. The incredible feelings and emotions that come with parenthood were all experienced first with this little boy. His story starts out with a bang!! Grace turned into Luke. Here he is.... He is my dirty man....if there is dirt anywhere within a 15 foot radius; he will find it. This took me a long time to deal with and get over! It would drive me crazy at first, but he has taught me that clothes are washable and bathtubs are my best friend.....and not to be so OCD all the time; to let him experience things in his own way.
He loves Disneyland, just like me...and he is starting to get really brave on the roller coasters. It makes me so happy to go on some cool rides with him...he just needs to grow so we can meet the heighth requirement!

He loves to play dress up and "be" the character. If he is watching anything on tv...he gets that character to play with while he is watching the show. He is really creative in this way. He gets into his own world and imagines....

This picture is Luke to the core...multi-tasking (especially when it comes to sweets)...he takes after me in this way. He loves cookies and ice cream (me too!!!!). He also always gets holes in the left knee of his pants...never the right?!

He is the light of my life! Jesus gives us such amazing gifts!! He has the most contagious laugh, is a good friend to his brother (and his little cousin Rusty), practices something until he masters it, has some mad gymnast, ninja moves, likes a good beat he can dance too, and has melted my heart to his!! Happy birthday Luke Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!