Saturday, August 14, 2010

Favorite room

This bathroom is one of my favorite rooms. I love the colors and the little things that make it special.....

I found this first aid kit in my grandparents old boat, so fun!!

I made this plaque for Luke when he was a baby. This is one of my most favorite songs by the Dixie Chicks and the words are just right for boys.

Each of the boys have this saying above their mirrors....reminders to all of us how unique we are and how loved we are by God.

This is Luke and boys, dirty boys, loud boys, usually naked boys and best buddies.

One of the other reasons I love this room is because it is quite easy to clean. I absolutley hate cleaning bathrooms, but this one isn't so bad. I always wanted subway tiles and wainscoating and love the pegs in here to hang towels on. I also love the tile on the counters, which is something I usually wouldn't pick; but wanted this to be a really fun room. Coming up: my least favorite room!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pajama Walks

I love living out in the country...especially on my parents farm. This is the view from my kitchen and I have lots of windows everywhere.
Here is a peak at the house nestled in the walnut trees.

One of our highlights is getting to do anything we want in out taking walks, and what country boy doesn't carry a big stick when he is walking!

Perfect picture of grapes that grow and then cutting the cane to dry them into raisins.

Walnuts on the tree.

This is the "middle lane"...and I remember walking and driving grandpa's old truck on it when I was a little girl. Love that my kids can make these memories now too.

Each grandkid has a "road" named after them.

Maggie turns into crazy, psycho dog when we go for walks!

My dad and I rode our bike's the other day, and we saw a couple and a photographer taking pictures in the walnut trees....I think my dad was quietly excited that someone would want to take pictures in his trees. He is very proud of his farm and likes it to look nice, he puts in alot of work so it does look nice and so we can enjoy it!! Thanks dad!!